What's RIGHT with Your Child?!?!


0-3 World Domination

From baby to toddler, your child is out to conquer the world. Find out how to get out of their way.

I Need the 0-3 Guide!!!

3-6 Developing the Senses and the Will

Your child has a will of their own. Find out how to work with your child NOT against them.

I Need the 3-6 Guide!!!

6-9 It's Fundamental

School's in session. Find out how to support your child as they learn the fundamentals.


9-12 Citizen of the World

Your child has the skills to make an impact. Find out what you need to know to stay connected.

I Need the 9-12 Guide!!!

12-15 World Domination II

Oh, adolescence...if you're bewildered by your teen, you need this guide. 

I Need the 12-15 Guide!!!

15-18 The Launching Pad

Your child is ready to launch. Are you? This guide will help you empty the nest with ease and joy.