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Hey, Helicopter Parents

Sep 28, 2022


In the article "Hey, Helicopter Parents", Jeanette Settembre asked me to comment on my experience with helicopter parents. First things first, I have every sympathy for these parents. 

Parents want what's best for their children and they want their children succeed. Ultimately, helicopter parents hover, swoop in and rescue because they want the best outcome. They want to control the outcome.

Settembre interviewed me for the article and I told her about my experiences as a principal and as a baseball mom. My experiences mirrored her research for the article. Helicoptering puts undue pressure on young athletes which can lead to stress and can strain relationships. It can also hamper optimal performance. 

Remember, at the end of your child's sports life, you want a healthy relationship. You want your child to know that you supported and loved them no matter what, win lose or draw. The way to achieve that is to support without helicoptering. And, if you find yourself in the pilot's seat, land the chopper and just BE there. 



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