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Anger is a Green Light to Connect

Sep 21, 2022

Every emotion you feel is valid. Every emotion is needed. In my opinion, anger gets a bad wrap. I just read "How to Transform Unhealthy Anger into Loving Connection" and it was a game changer. Anger is useful because it tells us that something in our experience is not okay and it tells us to pay attention. 

In parenting, anger can be a natural response to your child's behavior. And. It's valid. It's okay. It's normal. You are not going to have the perfect IG Day with the perfectly curated life. 

What's important is recognizing what this anger calls us to do and what we do with it to create more connection. Anger is a GREEN light to:

  1. Connect to Yourself - Notice your anger and find a way to calm yourself.
  2. Express Yourself - When you're ready, express your anger in a firm but kind way.
  3. Define Your Need - Again, make sure to do this in a way that invites connection.

The key is to make sure you are able to express your anger in a healthy, helpful way. 


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